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Providing Cost Effective Alternative Solutions Is Our Speciality

Staying ahead of the competition through trade and innovation of products and services catered to improve productivity, security, comfortability and success of your business.

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    Our “Active” and “Passive” acoustic systems had revolutionized acoustic solutions and noise management in multiple business industries in Philippines.
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    System Interiors

    Our technology and designs has transformed our materials and methods into an innovative interior system that sustains our products and reduces effort and cost.
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    Mechanical Products

    We have been an innovator in this field since the 1980s. We introduced factory fabricated air conditioning ducts to the Philippines which gave birth to Fabriduct Metal Systems Inc. We also distribute Crane Valves, one of the most prominent water control valve companies in the world.
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    Electrical Products

    We strive to stay ahead of the game. In a country with one of the world’s highest electrical rates, we supply and install "Green” products which save our clients millions while maintaining a low carbon foot print.
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    Specialized Tools

    We strive to deliver tools that save time and money, allowing projects to balance their resources allowing the laborer to work smarter and not harder.
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    Audio and Video Solutions

    We are experts in the field of audio and video systems. Being an integrator, we are not bound by product agreements which allow us to provide the right equipment for the right project